Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nu Potato

Growing up with lots of hungry men in my family (I have once witnessed my brother in-law devour 22 mini new potatoes in one sitting) I have had to endure the presence of the new potato on the table most of my life. Sitting on the table with all the self righteousness of Amanda Holden on the Britain's got Talent panel. We know they have to be there, but come on, what do they honestly know about entertainment?

The only new potatoes that I ever enjoyed were from the "potato man" in Blackburn town centre where I grew up as a young girl.

Whereas now young children will be able to gorge themselves on polyfilla bread and mechanically chopped chicken burgers for 99p at our larger conglomerates, we were fed a bags of buttery new potatoes for 20p no less. Now I love the 20p coin all day everyday for it's whimsical little shape and ability to buy small chocolate bars like fudge and Taz, but seriously, apart from minuscule advent calendar chocolate, what can you buy these days for 20p?

You were handed a small white paper bag brimming with warm nutty potatoes shimmering like amber birthstones. The bag had soaked through and become almost translucent by the time you had exchanged your silver for them and your hands had become a mixture of hot grease and lost skin.

Walking the streets munching through your sweetie bag of complex carbs, you could see other kids happily slurping on their potato skins.

I noticed about 4 years ago, a pseudo potato man had returned to the very same spot only to be bombarded by swarms of 20 and 30 somethings who had been indeed raised on the nutty potatoes.

Having the company of two of the said hungry men last week, I needed to think of ways to make the new potato friendly to eat for the ladies.

Mounds of salt and even more salty lurpak usually suffices. However, I am in love with the lemon at the moment and all it's acidic and potent Mediterranean glory.

I call them...well lemony potatoes......?

I have a perfect recipe which involves par boiling the new potatoes in salted water which have been cut in half.

Place in a roasting tin and roll them in extra virgin oil and rock salt. The oil must coat each potato. Use the fine side of the grater (not the one that mushes all the cheese up and you can never figure out a purpose to use it) to grate the zest of one large lemon and bung in. Use the whole juice to coat the potatoes too. Finely grate or crush 2 cloves of garlic and chuck in. Use your hands to give the potatoes a lovely juicy bath of gorgeousness.

Place in a pre heated oven at gas mark 5 for 30-40 minutes until extra crispy.

Serve in a small paper bag or with a meal if needs be.

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