Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Herbal Remedy

A sucker for a gadget myself.

OK, so it looks like it has come from the Anne Summers "autumnal" range of sex aids, however this is a natty idea from at only £12.99 a pop.

I'm in.

Who hasn't bought a Coriander plant for a token curry only to find it shrivel in the faux heat of your kitchen.

Build me up buttercup indeed.

This device is ergonomicall designed to hold any sprigs upright in water- which can be topped up as necessary. It promises you the discerning customer to prolong the life of any cut herbs in your fridge.

As we feel that coolness of the British air and say goodbye to those halycon days spent in minorca with scott and joanne from southend and say hello to our extra vanity pounds, we are also able to embrace all the good things that come with September.

Get those forever growing rosemary sprigs cut up and in your rampant herb compartment and await to adorn them on a fine shank of lamb.

Welcome September.

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