Sunday, 27 June 2010

A quarter of that please

30 degree heat, prosecco and fresh raspberries, elegant beautiful company and Manchester. I've had worst saturday's. And worst meals.

Thomas Restaurant & Bar opened back in March in Manchester's uber cool Northen Qtr.

Sitting with my equally truly uber cool friend Claire, we sat at first gawping at two young ladies having a fashion shoot in prom dresses against the back drop of a brick wall and lamppost. Trotting in 5 inch heels in bacofoil dresses and flicking their hundred pounds worth of hair extensions was just one sight.

Anything can happen in the Northern Quarter and it did.

Just as we ordered our food, I told Miss Claire I could see some inflatable people walking towards us offering free hugs.

Sweaty hugs more like.

Once the slightly strange manc had moved off the chair he had stolen next to us, we were able to fully manipulate our table to our advantage and get out in the sun.

Then menu is classic bistro. An array of pasta, salads, burgers and steaks and dippy doo dah's as we would call it, if you were not 100% in need of a good feed.

We are always in the need for a good meal. I went for a delicious Roasted Vegetable Pizza and Claire went for a Smoked Haddock Risotto complete with a poached egg on top.

The pizza did not disappoint. The humble pizza has to be one of my favourite meals, no contest. Traditionally considered a peasant food in Italy, there was nothing paltry about this Pizza.

A diving soft and just thin enough base. Not a perfect circle which is how I like it. A gluggy and sharp tomato and rosemary sauce and just the perfect amount of Mozzarella and the faintest hint of Pecorino Cheese. It was laced with artichokes, olives and juicy charred red peppers.

I say it to all the Waiter's and waitresses sometimes, but it really was hands down the nicest Pizza I have ever had. If that was on speed dial for my next hangover, I would be drinking every day.

The Risotto had all the elements of a perfect dish. Glutinous and sticky rice just oozing with hunks f flaked smoked haddock. The egg was textbook. Perfectly poached and scattered in cracked black pepper just waiting to be poked with a fork.

Perfect service, dreamy food, fizzy and crisp Prosecco, 25% off our bill (voucher cloud is the boy) and a nifty little tan.

Thankyou Manchestaaaaaa for my lovely food.

Not so lucky for your man driving down a one way street head on meeting Mr Policeman. Schoolboy.

Visit now. Thomas Restaurant & Bar 49-51 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1NA

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