Sunday, 13 June 2010

Whoopie Do!!!!!!

Speaking to my good friend Miss Amy on our recent telethon she was filling in her old Northern pal on all things darn sarf.

As ever, the conversation turns to all things foodie, well mostly cakey and she tells me of a new kid making waves on the cake circuit. The Whoopie Pie.

I feel our American friend may be suffering something of an identity crisis. Is it a cake? Is it a cookie? Does it have the minerals to be classed as a pie?

From first glance it would appear that this is a hamburger filled with cream.

Two fat pieces of chocolate cake sealed with a fluffy fondant kiss. I quite like the thought of sugary meat, so I will go with the hamburger approach.

Surely, I had to be interested........? Tell me more Miss Amy.

So, it would appear that our ubiquitous cupcake may be sidelined a la Crouchy on Capello's line up.

Food historians have located our sweet hamburgers back to Pennsylvania, New England. Apparantely, Pennsylvanian Amish women would bake Whoopie Pies, or make Whoopie (titter) and pack these in't husbands lunch box.
After a long shift in the fields, th'husband would open his Amish tupperware and the sight of this little chocolate sandwich would make them shout "Whoopie!".

I would like to think that I would one day have the opportunity to use this underated word with such conviction. It needs a revival.

Now, the nearest excitement that I have experienced thus far over lunch is rubbing the foil of a breakaway biscuit to reveal the holy grail of the McVities Wheatsheaf. It certainly did not provoke a Whoopie.

So what do we know about Amish people? Amish people like simple living. Amish people like plain clothes. Amish people have beards. Amish people ride around on horse and cart. Amish people don't have an iPhone. Amish peoples lives suck.


They have been hiding a baking secret from us for years. Amish people rock. They have been keeping their poker faces firmly under their bonnets.

Harrods and other London trendy bakeries have been getting on board with the Whoopie Wagon. Now I salute anyone who incorporates Butterscotch into their cooking. An underused flavouring. Harrods Whoopie menu is a cake cocktail menu dream.
The Butterscotch Whoopie is two pillows of decadent cake merged with a toffee and butterscotch mass of fluff.

You can pay homage to our Amish friends and make the Whoopies sans decor. However, I am going to swank them up a little and bring a piece of Neauveau England to the pie and paint them with pretty pastels and glitter.

Tupperware beware, you about to be Whoopeeed!!!

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