Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hot from the oven Cookies


He was destined for bad things. Telling the poor chap that he would die from an arrow to the foot. His mum slipped up bigtime by narrowly missing his feet from a good soak in the mythical magical waters of the River Styx. Achilles did not stand a chance. Shot by a poison arrow.

What a way to go.

Still. He inspired one of ABCs finest pop melodies to date.

We all have them.

Achilles Heels.

Mine are usually baking conquests that I cannot do. Of which there are two.

Choux pastry and biscuits.

Now you see, the Greek tragedy that is the debate of biscuit vs cookie is itself a baking myth to some.

Why cannot we get that same chewy moistness in a cookie in our own bland biscuits.

Etymology of our biccies comes from bis (twice) and coquere (to cook), and, hence, means "twice-cooked.

This is why you get that hard crunchy texture of a biscuit.

Cookies however have a much buttery, toffee and chewy flavour, like cooked marshmallows. This is due to the temperatures at which the egg coagulates and the two varieties of sugars that are caramelising.

Cookies, I give a big Barrack Obama, yes I can cook.

They are so simple too and inexplicably moreish.

This recipe comes straight from my latest list of favourites.

Macadamia, Cranberry, White Choc Cookies.

Makes 18

75g white chocolate - the thicker the better
75g butter
1 egg
175g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
90g soft brown sugar
60g white caster sugar
50g macadamia nuts
50g dried cranberries
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Pre heat the oven to gas mk 4 / 160
2. Grease and line with baking paper 3 trays
3. Whack all the ingredients (bar the choc, nuts and cranberries) in a blender and whirl it up
4. Add the remaining ingredients and stir
5. The dough will be thick and lumpy...this is good
6. Spoon heaped teaspoons on a tray (6 per tray) and leave enough room as these babies spread
7. Bake for 10-12 minutes
8. Remove to cool enough until you can wolf one down

Enjoy cookie monsters xx

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