Thursday, 14 April 2011

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

The first in one of my culinary blogs from the city of NYC.

First stop on our tourist marathon was the flat iron district.

After skipping breakfast from a full tummy the night before, the sugar rush kicked in midday.

Lucky me, we stumbled across the shake shack in the heart of the flat iron.

Milkshakes are not something that I would have normally, however, always a sucker for a ploy. Having been told by my brother that this place is the most historic burger and milkshake place in the whole of NY and that peak season it queues round the block Alton towers style for a milkshake.

I'm in.

The milkshakes were not as we know them. Marketed as "custards" I could not decide which to choose. Each day you could choose from the custard of the day. Cheesecake brownie was on offer for Thursday. A little too early for pudding, i went for a safe strawberry.

My first ten dollars broken into, but it was all worth it just to get the vibrating device in my hand.

The genius idea is that you are given a mobile phone type device which reads "when I shake, come collect you shake" we waited in the sunshine poised for collection.

The milkshake was a drop of dairy heaven. Silky and thick enough to stick a spoon. If ambrosia were to produce a perfume, they need to get involved with these custards. A sweet blend of shortbread and opal fruits.


Milky Machiavellian mayhem.

Grab a spoon.

11 Madison ave.
New York

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