Friday, 15 April 2011

Fill your cups up at Double Ds

Day two and the temptation has been too much to bear.

Dunkin donuts in all it's hydrogenated fat glory has lured me in as it always does on a visit to the states.

This dd was located in the subway station around 34 street herald sq.

An assuming little dunking tightly packed between new stands and a pret a manger. The heady wafts of vanilla, chocolate tar and Christmas pump through the ac system.

What we lead to believe is a doughnut has been based on a confectionary lie.

The stands festooning with an array of dough balls, crullers and regular doughnuts spoil you for choice. You can even buy doughnuts in a pick n mix cup.

Wanting a sugar kick without the calories, my pious DD party went for coolatas.

People who work at Dunkins are doughnut doctors in their culinary field. They have a full profile on each of their subjects and the waiting system is by appointment only. The young lass on this occasion had a busy surgery and we were not so politely told to shift away to wait for our drinks.

Much denser than a frappe but oozing with more flavour. I was still sucking coffee juice after a good thirty minutes into my pavement
pounding. Columbian bean brain freeze comes as standard.

It's surely only a matter of time before Dunkins decides to go trans atlantic, like most things in the uk, we can be a little slow on the uptake. Ten million new yorkers can't be wrong. Dunkins has been named No.1 top fast food joint by the New York times.

Let me warn you first....
DDs are more than a handful.

Dunkin Donuts
51 east 34th street
New York
NY 10016

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